Hello World!

I’ve missed you, and I’ve missed myself. For the past four weeks I’ve been running around organising venues for classes in September, buying ink, designing advertisement posters (my husband had the cheek to follow his own interests – windsurfing – and leave me for two weeks without technical back up. It’s amazing how much I learnt in his absence) and putting up said posters in local shops. I’ve also been lost in the Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer. These novels should come with a warning sticker ‘Make sure you have nothing pressing or urgent to attend to.’ I was awake in the middle of the night thinking about Bella, Edward and Jacob (the way I usually do about the characters in my own books). Oh, the passion and tension!

I originally began reading these books as I like to know what teenagers are reading, however soon I couldn’t fool myself that was my motivation. They’re just plain fab! A really unique story, with loads of tension, and did I mention passion? Who could have thought making love with vampire could be so, well, gripping. Read them if you have nothing pressing to do for, like, the next month. Thankfully I finished the last one, Breaking Dawn, about a week ago, and so now I have my life back.
Talking of books, I’m now reading an interesting one called The Write Type. It is about discovering your true Writer’s Identity. According to the author, Karen. E. Peterson, I am a L.C. writer. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, L.C. stands for Log Cabin, which means that I need oodles of time in a remote place in order to write (or, Ms. Peterson points out, I think I do). This is a current problem as I do not have long empty days in which to walk the beach, ponder my novel, and write so I need to learn a new writing pattern. My best writing time is early morning – if I manage to get an hour, or better two, done first thing in the morning the rest of the day I float around in a self-satisfied daze. However this seldom happens because of my current workload and enemy -addiction to the Internet. This topic should probably be saved for another day, but as I haven’t written in months, sure I’ll pop it all in here.
I’m a member of two writers’ forums and I have two email addresses, and I’d say I spend two hours a day checking all of them. The problem is, one of those hours is usually first thing in the morning, when I should be writing. Instead I become distracted by other writer’s thoughts and can’t concentrate. My own novel is gone for the day. Teachers used to write on my report in school ‘Megan is easily distracted’. Unfortunately I still am. So I need to minimise distractions. Last night, however, I did the opposite and added a new one to my list: Facebook. I kind of joined months ago, not really knowing what I was doing, and since then I’ve received emails from people asking me to be friends. I didn’t know how to respond and didn’t. However, niggling at the back of my mind, I wondered whether I was being terribly rude? So last night, I opened up my profile, uploaded a picture and responded to the most recent requests. Then I spent two hours viewing other people’s profiles TWO HOURS! And I had been planning to blog. Oh well, one day at a time, as they say. Today I shall keep off the Internet until at least one o’clock. Wish me luck.