From our Students

Anna is absolutely loving your classes. She smiles from beginning to end on zoom, and its lovely to see the spark you are igniting in her for writing.
Damian - Parent
I attend creative writing classes because I like to write stories where anything can happen; a dog can change into an alien, you can make anyone die, you can make anyone live. You can use your imagination.
Bébhínn - age 10
I have been doing classes with Megan for a very long time, and my writing has improved so much along the way. I have moved on to win 3rd place in a national writing competition because of how much I have learned. Megan brings a great, friendly atmosphere into the classroom and I really would recommend her to any writer, beginner or advanced.
Victoria - Age 13
I really enjoyed the summer camp. The sheets and notes we got were very helpful. Megan makes everything very easy to understand. I had lots of fun. It’s amazing what you can learn in a week!
Hannah - Age 13
I love Megan’s Creative Writing classes! They have taught me so much about writing. They’re so much fun and I’ve made lots of friends too!
Nicole - Age 12
I liked everything, especially when we each got a page, started a story on it (only one sentence) and then passed it on. I also liked when everyone told a story together (not writing it down).
Faustina - Age 16
I’ve always loved writing and Megan Wynne’s classes provided a non-pressurised, friendly and inspiring environment which nurtured my love of writing. If my spelling wasn’t right, it didn’t matter, or if my story ideas were completely whacky—even better! It was all about the story, which I loved. Writing is a great outlet and something which I’m continuing today. Megan’s classes helped to lay the framework for important skills and techniques, and this helped me to win a few competitions at Cúirt and Listowel Writers Week. I would highly recommend Megan’s classes!
Sarah - Age 18
It was a really useful writing camp – helpful, fun and interesting.
John - Age 12
It was fun and I really enjoyed myself. I found writing dialogue helpful because now I know how to write it properly in my own stories.
Jessica - Age 12
It was great fun. I liked it A LOT, especially working together – it helps making friends and fun.
Ruth - Age 8
I thoroughly enjoyed the summer camp and learned a ton of news things to help write stories. Megan really helped me gain more confidence. The entire class was brilliant and a laugh as well.
Orin - Age 12