How do we do it?

We treat children with great respect AND we encourage them to go completely crazy in their stories. Children need an outlet to let their imagination run wild. A place where they can write whatever they like. They all have magical stories living inside of them. We encourage them to write them down and tell us more!

What do we offer?

Weekly Classes for Children and Teens

Children 8+ yrs old, Teens 13+yrs old

Journaling & Creative Writing Workshops

for Children, Teens & Adults

Creative Writing Summer Camps

for Children aged 10+ in July / August

Who attends our courses?

Our courses serve gifted children who need to be stretched, children for whom English is a second language, children who are mad about stories, and children with learning difficulties who need support.

For all students the by-product of attending our courses is increased confidence, compassion for others and excellent writing skills, which benefit them greatly in secondary school and beyond.

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is the art of writing stories from our own imagination.

It uses language to create imaginary worlds, original characters and plot.

The practice helps us understand ourselves and our world better.

Why send your child to us?

We have been inspiring students to write brilliant stories since 2007.  Students return to classes year after year because they are inspiring and fun.

By practicing the elements of story telling, students gain fluency and confidence in their writing. By creating characters, they develop greater understanding of themselves and others.

The results are confident writers who produce beautiful stories. Past students have won national writing competitions and often do exceptionally well in English at school.