Journaling Workshop


Journaling Workshop to Support Mental Well Being

Journaling can be a wonderful way to lessen anxiety and help get things in perspective – especially in the middle of the night when fears can be at their worst. Journaling can also increase confidence and fluency with writing.

For Children & Teens

I am offer a live video interactive online journaling workshops to children, teenagers and adults.

Participants engage with journaling exercises and receive an email afterwards outlining the exercises for future use.

A Journal helps us:

  • Become our own best friend. It will never tell you to shut up. It will never judge you.
  • Discover who we are
  • Figure out how we feel
  • Create dreams and goals
  • Make decisions
  • Reduce fear of writing – there is no need to worry about spellings or neat handwriting
  • Increase creativity

Workshop Dates:

I am offering a live online journaling workshop on Thursday 7th September.

  • Workshop: Children (9+ year olds) 6.30p.m. – 7.45p.m

Class Times are based in Dublin, Ireland, IST (Irish Standard Time)

  • The workshop will take place on the video platform Zoom and last for 75 minutes.

Participants will engage with journaling exercises and receive an email afterwards outlining the exercises for future use.

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I’ve been keeping a journal since I was twelve years old – because my English teacher suggested it – and I am very grateful that she did.  Journaling has helped me to become a writer and create a life that suits me. It has taught me how to express myself, to write fluently, to calm an anxious mind, and to understand my feelings.

My aim with this workshop is share a selection of specific writing exercises that I use to support my mental well being. After the workshop I email a detailed outline of all the exercises for participants to use in the future (and hopefully for the rest of their lives!)

Next Worshop Sept 7thClick here to book


I highly recommend Megan Wynne’s workshop on Journaling. She had a lively group of students in the palm of her hands! They were enthralled by meeting this open and honest artist, who was speaking to them so truthfully about their own personal experiences. Bringing artists into the classroom can often be liberating and inspiring for students, as was the case with Megan. She very quickly built positive relationships with the students. However, Megan also has the added benefit of having previously worked as a secondary school teacher. Her teacher training is evident in her confidence and classroom management skills. It is also evident from the structure of her workshop, it builds beautifully, is scaffolded and the timings of the exercises are perfect to keep the students fully engaged.

The content of the workshop itself could not be more timely. Many students are struggling with their mental health at the moment, particularly after the last two and a half years. Any practical tools we can put at their disposal has potentially life changing benefits for them. This is a simple, practical tool that is explained clearly with defined achievable goals. It was a very motivating workshop for both the students and myself!

Jane Purcell, Teacher, Balbriggan Community College, County Dublin