Back in the Saddle?

I’ve returned from holidays and today normal life resumes, supposedly. It’s after ten and I haven’t quite started yet and that is because I am SO fond a pottering about in the morning – I read bits of books, drink coffee, write in my journal and think. It is my favourite time of day – I think and plan but don’t actually DO anything. I love thinking and planning. I’m not so fond of action.
Before I went on holidays I’d made a breakthrough with my children’s novel. I put my laptop aside, sure in the knowledge that I would be gagging to get back to the writing on my return. It’s not quite turned out that way. I DO want to write but I’m scared. Returning to my book feels a little like jumping off a cliff – I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen and it is my dread that nothing will. From experience I know that the only way through this feeling is to write. I can procrastinate all I like but will feel dreadful if I don’t write, so I really need to put my head down, open the laptop at the RIGHT page (not an internet one) and let the words come. And once I do, I KNOW I’ll feel great. I’ll be delighted with myself and I’ll be crowing to you here about how brilliantly my book is going. But, there is just one problem – the niggling risk that I’ll be completely stuck and wonder why I’m writing the book at all. THAT’S why I’m so slow to open the document, and THAT is why I am writing my blog first. This is easy – I write exactly what is in my head. (Yeah, turns out I’m no good at self-censorship).
But I will get back to my novel, truly I will. Just one more thing to tell you about first:
My adult summer course was a great success. I had a truly LOVELY class. We bonded over coffee, lunch and tables in a field in the sunshine. What a joy it is to spend my days doing something that I love whilst making others happy at the same time! My first children and teenage course begins next week, so I shall spend the next few days brushing up on Stephanie Meyer’s series of Twilight novels – they are all crazy about them!
Oh, one last thing. To those of you who were kind enough to inquire about my back – it’s getting better. Bending down is still sore but I’m planning on doing lots of swimming this week which should sort me out. Thanks for stopping by… I’ll let you know how I got on with my writing, tomorrow… Wish me luck!