Benefits of Writing

The literary agent Nathan Bransford, who is based in the San Francisco office of Curtis Brown, writes an interesting blog. A couple of weeks ago he asked what writers have given up to write. Over 250 of his readers replied. Most said health insurance, sleep, housework and T.V. Others gave up husbands, pensions, promotions and full time jobs.
I thought I might ask a different question here: what have I, as a writer, received?
Huge support from my husband, family and friends: I don’t think I would ever have known how loved I am if I had not taken this journey. I have been given holidays away, meals out, odd jobs, and sometimes much-needed cash.
A close relationship with my lovely Mum who is a wonderful editor and provides me with an endless stream of books on writing.
Writing has taught me a lot about myself and the world. I’ve found out what I might do in certain situations, and learned to understand different religions and cultures.
It gives me somewhere completely ‘safe’ to go when I’m upset or feeling lost.
It’s makes me understand why I love to be alone and to think.
It has opened doors into the houses and hearts of people, generous enough to help me with my research.
It allows me to reach my full potential as a human being.
Funnily enough, none of the above has anything to do with publication!

What has writing given you?