Booklets on Sale!

The booklet of short stories are gorgeous. Colourbooks Ltd (based in Baldoyle) did a brilliant job. The cover is smooth and glossy, and the inside smells like a new school textbook.
Producing the booklet was an absolute doddle this year in comparison to last. Two of my adult students, (Barbara Coleman and Carol Lee) did all the editing, and another (Maria Manueco) typed up the corrections. Last Christmas I was so tied up with editing, printing (and pulling my hair out) that my friends barely saw me, and I missed my quota of at least ten Christmas movies. This year is, oh so, different – I’ve already started watching Christmas movies. Today was the first – The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. I love when Kate Winslet’s character arrives in L.A. and runs around the house squealing with delight. I would do exactly the same. Oh, the sunshine and swimming pool! What a perfect place to chill.
Perhaps, when one of my novels is made into a movie and I’m invited onto the set in L.A, I can run around a mansion in Beverley Hills too….. A girl can dream!