I’m so glad it’s Christmas. I received a card this week which said ‘Time Stands Still at Christmas’. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I love the idea of everything being frozen, to give us a chance to hug, share food, sing, and just be.

It is only now that I’ve stopped that I realise how hard I’ve been working. I need to wrap up warm and rest, however, first I will visit a stable. My friend owns a beautiful horse called Harry, and on Christmas Eve I love to listen to him munch and watch the steam from his breath puff out of his pretty nose. I imagine what it was like for Mary giving birth in a stable, and every year I am struck by what a wise choice it was. Animals don’t fuss – they gaze, chew and give comfort with their warmth.

I need that peace and silence today. The shopping is over – my fridge is packed full of sausages, cheese, wine, juice, rashers, cellery, carrots, potatoes, custard, cream, and everything else my husband and I imagine we might need to get us though to December 27th.

I am disappearing into this magical time, when all industry stalls. I hope you get lost there too. See you on the other side. Happy Christmas!