Feedback from Students

Every term I ask my students to give me written feedback on what they enjoy about creative writing classes and what they don’t like. Here’s a couple I received at the end of last term.

Ten year old boy in Malahide

I liked almost everything but I didn’t like a few things: I disliked how we only got one jelly (I am not greedy, everyone in the class would agree). I wish we had more time to write, not chat. I wish that the session was a bit longer instead of one hour, I would l like 1 hour 3o minutes and I don’t like the paired work.

Nine year old girl in Malahide

1) I like the way you teach us.

2) I like how interesting your classes are.

3) It’s fun, a lot of fun!

4) I like how it goes quiet when we write.

5) I like how well the classes go.

6) I like book launches

7) I like how these classes are funny.