I Did It.

Thanks to those who read my blog yesterday and inwardly (or outwardly – Shirley!) wished me luck. The very good news is that for twenty-four hours I managed to succeed in Letting Go, and I am still in the ‘Letting Go’ state this morning – yipppeee!
Yesterday I did things that I don’t normally allow myself do when I’m in terrified ‘controling my life’ mode: I baked two batches of fruit scones, while listening to Madonna, I went swimming (my absolute heaven), and later drank a glass of Rosé on the balcony whilst reading Penny Vincenzi’s latest blockbuster. Despite all these treats I also managed to get a lot of ‘constructive’ work done: I organised materials for my adult Creative Writing Course next week, searched for suitable venues for summer camps, and responded to queries and bookings. In fact I had a MUCH more productive day than I normally would.
Every time I felt myself tense up and begin to panic, I viusalised relaxing my full weight on a windsurfing sail, and speeding along. It worked!