Je suis une Blogger!

Day two of my blog and I’m already loving it. I have a feeling that my poor children’s novel may be taking a back seat to this more immediate gratification – the bliss of a captive audience, well, in my imagination anyway.

Bookings are rolling in for my summer camps which is encouraging news. I’m trying out two new venues this year: Rathdown School in Glenageary and The Grain Store in Cabinteely Park. Both are set in grounds with large trees – I think beauty is very important for writing, although I have written in ugly places too. The worst was probably the lift in my appartment. It broke down at 4 a.m. one January when I was on the way to the airport for a sun holiday in the Canaries – boy was I glad that I had my laptop in my suitcase. I was in there for nearly two hours, wrapped in a beach towel, (over my other clothes) typing away. Once I entered into that other universe I calmed down and completely forgot where I was. A very handy skill, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Talking of writing, I haven’t written a thing today. I’ve spent all my time checking for emails of congratulations for my beautiful website (I’ve had a few!) and emailing anyone I can think of who may want to take a look at it, and send me a congratulatory email or comment. This behaviour helps me understand the fascination with Facebook (which I have avoided) – it is lovely to believe people are interested in my life (even if they’re not). It makes me feel important! And we all like that.