Living in the Now.

I have a bit of a problem – I keep wanting to jump ahead in time to someplace else, where I’ll be doing something else and will know something that I don’t know now. This causes me to never relax in the now; to forget things, to have a busy head, and to miss out on the beauty and opportunities of today.
To live in the now, has become my daily goal, and it’s one worth pursuing. When I am right here, right now, I am perfectly happy, no matter how many problems are circling. I usually have a full stomach, as I’m lucky to have enough food to eat, and I breathe easily, because I am healthy. For all my striving towards mega publishing deals, fabulous holidays and anything else that might take my fancy (oh yeah, a groovy hairstyle) in fact all I really need is peace.
And, today, right now, mercifully I have it.
I hope you do too.