My Children’s Book Published This Month!!

My first novel for children, The House on Hawthorn Road, is being published by The O’Brien Press this month. It is a time slip novel aimed at readers aimed 8+.

I am so excited about this and cannot wait until children are reading it!

Two centuries, two children, one house

Beth didn’t want to move to Dublin – she misses her old life and her friends back in London. New home and new school is hard enough, but to make matters worse someone keeps messing up her room … At first, Beth blames her annoying brother, Cormac, but when she discovers a boy called Robbie, from the 1950’s, is slipping through time and into her room, then things start to get REALLY weird!

The two create havoc together, learn about each other’s worlds and manage to help each other when they’re down. But the 1950s and the present day sometimes seem very far apart … Can their friendship stand the test of time?

A mischief-maker from the 1950’s – a shy girl from today and a time-slip adventure like no other

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