New Summer Camp for Teenagers

I am running a new four day camp for teenagers (13 -18 yrs) from 25th -28th June.

The aim of this course is to give teenagers the necessary skills to write creative composition in the Junior and Leaving Cert English examinations.It is suitable for teens mad about writing, teens with learning difficulties such as dysgraphia and dyslexia, gifted teens and every other type of teen in between.

Each day we cover a main topic:

Day One we learn how layout and write believable dialogue.
Day Two we focus on how to create a vivid setting and atmosphere for a story.
Day Three covers how to open a story and hook your reader.
Day Four focuses on character creation and writing a short story – using the tools learned during the previous three days.

We do individual writing, pair work and group work. There will be one half hour break every day. The students can bring a packed lunch or eat in the Centre Cafe. There is space outside for them to sit in the sun (if there is any!) It is good opportunity to get fresh air and make new friends between writing sessions.

The maximum amount of students on a course is 16.

To book please go here: