No Summer Camps Going Ahead

After much thought, I’ve made the difficult decision not to run summer camps this year.

The reason I came to this decision is because two things happened:

1. The bookings for the camps were low

2. I received Literature Bursary Awards from the Arts Council and my local Arts Office.

Since the pandemic hit, I have been trying to keep my business afloat and have neglected my own writing. It is three years since my children’s novel, The House on Hawthorn Road, was published and I am keen to complete another novel for children.

I am using the bursary awards to write my new novel for children, which is about an only child who finds it difficult to make friends or succeed at boarding school, until she encounters the spirit of her identical twin sister. I am very interested in how those who have gone beyond can be a guiding force for the living and I am deeply grateful to the Arts Council and Fingal Arts Office for funding me to write this book. The summer is the best time for me to take this exciting opportunity so I will look forward to engaging with students again in the autumn.