Sick and Away.

Apologies for my lack of blogging. There are two reasons for this: One, I did my back in last Sunday (fell off a horse years ago and my poor back has never quite recovered) and Two, I developed a tummy bug from swimming in the Irish Sea – in an attempt to help my back. Thankfully, I am now on the mend and very happy to join my blog again.
Last week I was harping on about NOT having to write, and I fully convinced myself that I didn’t have to write for the next six months (if I didn’t want to), which I don’t, but yesterday I did a neat U turn, and began writing my children’s book again. I had been stuck, you see, but during the intensive adult writing course, I was teaching this week, I outlined the plot of my novel to the class so far. In doing so I had an Eureka moment, and knew how to continue. I returned home and all I wanted to do was write (bad back or no bad back) and in the end the only reasons I stopped were hunger and fatigue.
So, I am now back in the writing saddle. Well, except for next week when I’m going on my holiers, sans Lap Top. It will be the first time in six years I shall holiday without it. But if feels like the right decision (and as I can’t drive myself to my destination – cos of my dodgy back – I must be considerate about how much luggage I bring).
So next week will be another quiet one here – I shall be cut off from internet and phones (for the most part), but looking forward to blogging again on my return.