Summer is coming – thank God – and I wake earlier as my bedroom faces East, and the sun rises over the Irish Sea upon us. Yesterday, for the first time this year, I took to the water and went paddle boarding in Skerries harbour. Curious seals watched me drift by, and people, who (like me) can knock off early from work, sipped summery drinks on chairs outside Blue Bar and Joe May’s Pub. I remembered what the summer is like, and now I can’t wait for it.
Already I’m making plans. In June, I’m running a week long summer course for adults in Skerries Mill and one for children/teens in July. In August I shall venture to Drogheda to run one for children/teens, and in July I am helping Claire Hennessey run a course in Rathdown School, Glenageary. In between all of that, I hope to go on holidays with my husband, and after that write, write, write!
It is not my natural inclination to plan ahead, just as I avoid plotting stories. Where’s the fun in living, or writing, if you know what’s going to happen? I’d much rather wait and see what occurs, however that approach, I have discovered, doesn’t work so well in my line of work, so I am ringing venues, making posters and marking the calendar ahead. Once that’s done (very soon I hope) I shall return to watching each day unfold, and in the words of the writer of the wonderful film ‘Up’ enjoying My Great Adventure!