Victoria’s Brilliant Story

Victoria Lunin (11 yrs) has come third in Listowel Writers’ Week Writing Competition for Youth ages 12 yrs and under. Victoria attends my classes, workshops and summer camps in Malahide. She writes beautiful stories and is completely committed to her writing. Victoria’s story is what I call a One Moment Story – about a very important moment in a character’s life. We often practice One Moment stories in class and Victoria’s is an excellent example. Well done Victoria!

Here is her story:

Wild Life..

My nose twitches and my long ears rest on the ground. The bear’s claws dig into my belly as he looms over me, fully satisfied now. My paws ache from the long chase that has happened moments before. My whiskers glisten silver in the rising sunlight. My opponent’s scruffy furs scratches at my pelt. Snarling, the bear licks it’s lips, ready for it’s meal. It is clear that he has not eaten in weeks for you can see his ribs under his skin, begging for food. It is a pity that I was in this wrong place at the wrong time, because I just happened to be that food. The bear’s saliva drools onto my face and neck. It’s eyes shine with victory. No pity. I blink and realise, this is the time that my life ends. Maybe I shall become a beautiful star in the north of the night’s sky? Maybe a bud on a blooming spring’s tree? Maybe a daffodil, rising from the soil into the light. Maybe…
Suddenly, the bear pulls back its head and lifts its claws off my belly for a split second and digs them into my bare skin. Pain circles my entire body, blood spilling onto the bear’s daggers on his paws. He didn’t care. His mouth opens wide, and reaches for my neck. My eyes close as sharp teeth cut into my now almost lifeless body. My heart lifts up my bones every time it attempts to pump my spilling blood as it should. I take a breath and open my eyes. A claw, closing over my face is the last thing I see before I shut my eyes, and let myself fall into the coming darkness.

By: Victoria Lunin
Age: 11