Website Launch

Today is the day I launch my website. It has been designed by my husband Oisín, who is a webmaster genius and my devoted helper. Much of what I do would be impossible without him. He gave me my first laptop, and also my second (when I needed a fancier one to go on-line) So this first blog is dedicated to him.
It is a strange and new experience to be blogging – I have a strong compulsion to write whatever the heck comes into my head, just as I do in my journal every morning, but then I remember that someone in Australia could read this, or much, much worse, someone who lives just down the street. So I won’t go on about how late I got up this morning, or how I haven’t brushed my teeth or done anything similarly constructive yet today (even though it is well after ten). No, I shall tell you instead, how I am steaming ahead, organising Creative Writing Summer camps, that are expanding into South County Dublin and how my first children’s novel is going marvellously well.
That’s the thing about writing in facebook and blogs. You don’t tell it how it really is. It’s like being at a cocktail party,(during the first drink) where you tell only the bare essentials with none of the interesting juicy details. I don’t do cocktail parties very well (or wouldn’t if I went to them) but I do love to write, and I shall do my best to entertain you here over the coming months, and maybe even years…