When Not To Write.

Many writers bang on about having to write something everyday. I don’t always agree with that. One can end up writing a whole pile of rubbish, while sticking rigidly and miserably to the rule. Sometimes it is better to take time out to let the story come to the surface. That’s what I’m trying at the moment, and it feels right.

I’m in the middle of writing a children’s novel with a very challenging plot. I have been veering off, skirting around, in fact doing anything to avoid the plot, but in doing so I’m getting further away from what I actually want to write. So, I’ve decided to take time out, to mull things over, and keep my eyes and ears open to clues as to how I might move forward.

The plot I envisage has not been done before – that’s what makes it so difficult. If I heard someone else had written it I’d say -what I genius idea, wish I’d done it! But there is a reason why no one has, and I need to find a solution to that reason. Continuing to write in the wrong direction, is not the answer (I know because I’ve done it before).