White Bread and Pasta.

This topic has nothing to do with writing, but it is on mind, or more specifically, my stomach. I have developed a belly, similar to Samantha’s pouch in the latter half of the Sex and the City movie. Why, might you ask? White bread and pasta.
I used to think it ridiculous when women, on diets, gave up bread and pasta. I thought it was unhealthy and they would end up snatching a bar of chocolate to make up for it. Well, over the last few weeks I have gorged myself on white bread (homemade by moi) and yummy white pasta – I’d given both up for nearly eight months (for medical reasons) – and for the first time in my life had a near-to-flat stomach.
But two months ago my medical problems were solved and I reverted to my old white bread and pasta eating ways, and my little pouch is back, just in time for bikini season. This is not good news, but I shall not give up bread and pasta altogether. Oh no, I shall revert to wholegrain pasta (it’s got extra bite anyway) and whole grain spellt bread. Neither bloat me, and they do not convert into sugar the moment they enter the digestive system.
So, to those women (and men) who give up white bread and pasta, I now understand you, but don’t give up ALL bread and pasta. How can you live?