New Term Begins!

Well, the bedlam of my  first week of teaching is over and I can settle down into the term. I know who is attending which classes and where. Phew! There are lots of new faces for me to get to know this term, which is lovely and I’ve  also said goodbye to some favourites of mine. Some children I have taught for four years have now entered secondary school, and have long timetables and homework to keep them busy. It’s always sad for me to say goodbye to those children (now teenagers) but I will look forward to seeing some of them at my Spooky Story Workshops during the Halloween midterm. (see Workshops page).


After the first busy week of term, I have treated myself to a weekend away in the country side to write. I thought I would be alone here but it turns out I have some very beautiful and inquisitive friends in the garden. Here is a picture of them: